A story of design



I'm a London Based designer who specialises in interior and floral design. 

I create long-lasting bouquets with preserved and dried flowers and greenery to fill your room with bursts of colour day after day, month after month. 

With our preserved arrangements you can enjoy real flowers in a maintenance-free way without the worry of them perishing within a week or two. No water, no wilting, no fuss. Simply keep your bouquets dry and out of direct sunlight and you're good to go.

Our bouquets are made with real flowers that have been harvested when in full bloom and at their best. They have been dried or treated with 100% natural glycerine and dyes, ensuring they keep their radiance and just last and last. Due to the use of dyes do remember to keep your flowers away from soft furnishings and surfaces that stain easily. 

These are the ultimate eco-friendly, sustainable option. No more binning bouquets after a week of purchase. No more worrying about their carbon footprint.  Just sit back and enjoy.